About Duxback

Duxback is a professionally applied glass treatment that creates a 'hydrophobic' effect on automotive glass.

Originally developed for aviation and applied to Boeing cockpit glass, a Duxback treatment greatly improves safety when driving in pouring rain especially at night.

When driving over 40mph, rain water will be blown straight off the glass, no need for wipers!

In wintertime ice will either not stick to the glass or will be much easier to remove.

Research has shown that visibility is improved by 35% when driving in pouring rain.

Furthermore a driver's ability to identify a small object when driving in foul conditions is improved by 25%. A 25% improvement in reaction time is 58 feet at 40 MPH.

Enough to save a life!




Duxback™ Testimonials

I recently had my car's windscreen treated with Duxback and I am very impressed. Rainwater beads on the windscreen instead of smearing across it and the wipers are now able to completely clear the windscreen with every sweep. I would recommend this product to anyone, in fact I feel it should be applied to all new cars as a safety measure. I'd like to add that I have no business or personal connection with your company except as a very satisfied customer.

M Barlow

Just thought I would send you a message to thank you for introducing dux back screen treatment to me, I found it a god send through the winter months and am due to have it reapplied next month which I will be doing with yourself.
I have recommended this treatment to my friends and family and most of them have also had it applied.
Once again many thanks see you in aug

Miss P East
Ford Fiesta

Awesome!!!! The Dept of Transport should introduce legislation to make this mandatory on all new and old cars to reduce road accidents. Fantastic great technology.

A Thompson

Just a quick note to say how satisfied I am with the Ducksback Windsreen treatment. It is really great on Motorway journeys the Rain just beads off and I hardly have to use the wipers at all. This also saves me having to replace the Wiper blades so often which is another money saver. I have now had the treatment applied for the second time after 6months and intend to repeat this at 6 monthly intervals.

Mr Keith Micklewhite
Ford Mondeo.

I would like to thank you for your recommendation to use Dux back on my windscreen, I have found the product to be very useful and don’t understand why no one had told me about it before as it makes such a difference when driving in the rain. I will certainly be having it reapplied once it runs out and have told others about how good it is too.
Thanks very much
Mrs Emily Haswell
Seat Arosa

I would just like to thank you for recommending the window screen treatment. I am really pleased I had it done when I had my M.O.T. its fantastic.
Thanks again
Sharon White

Thank you Duxback. Due to the application of your product by Specialist Cars Aberdeen to my new VW. It has brought a new meaning to driving in the rain. What a fantastic product.

Roy Vobes

I am a service advisor working at Invicta motors Thanet and have Duxback on my screen …. On returning home one evening I turned a blind corner to find a vehicle coming towards me , which went through a large puddle throwing water over my car , before I had chance to switch my wipers on , Duxback had dispersed the water and my vision was clear.
07 January 2010

Diane Kourellias

You have my ranger in for a service at present. Could you please arrange for it to have some Duxback treatment. This was applied last year and I was very pleased with the results, its was well worth the small fee for its application.
Ryan McKenzie

Well done for helping to educate drivers.

Diane Wright

Hello Just to say how pleased we are with the Duxback treatment that you applied to our windscreen. Night driving in heavy rain is immeasurably safer and we will definitely be bringing our vehicle back for future applications. Many thanks
Paul Hibbard



Duxback™ in Action

Example of Duxback™ Windscreen Treatment


Down to -2°ice will not stick to the glass