Duxback™ FAQ

Q How long will it last?

A. 6 months on the front screen, a year on side glass

Q. Will car washing have any effect on the lifespan of the product?

A. None at all

Q. Why don’t manufacturers apply it on all cars?

A. Some do it has been applied as an OE application on side glass for Toyota, Lexus, Volvo, Porsche etc

Q. Does Duxback effect the Rain Sensor?

A. Absolutely not.

Q. Does Duxback make it easier to remove splattered bugs?

A. Absolutely, similar to the simple removal of ice in winter.



Q. What wears Duxback off the glass?

A. Just dirt and dust in the air. Try driving without a windscreen!

Q. Are all wiper blades compatible with Duxback?

Yes although we recommend Silicone blades which enhance the Duxback performance and provide smoother and quieter blade performance.

Additional Information

When we apply Duxback to the glass we are creating a ‘Hydrophobic’ coating which modifies the glass surface.

Occasionally the following may occur.

Wiper Blade Judder

Wiper Blade judder is a rare occurrence normally associated with use of ‘Aero’ or ‘Flatblades’ found on some models of compact cars.



After a Duxback application the glass has now a far smoother surface. This can cause the blade, (powered by the wiper arm), to move fractionally faster across the screen as there is less resistance. This in turn can cause the blade to judder.

Juddering will cease after a short period of time as the blade ‘beds in’. Alternatively we recommend Silicone Blades.


‘Ghosting’ or a Whiteness may appear on the screen first thing in the morning.

This is due to a slightly slower evaporation process as morning humidity droplets will have changed shape. Droplets of moisture on the screen now have an increased contact angle from 30° to 110°. The greater the angle the more ‘rounder’ the water droplet.

Warm the screen with the de-mister. The ghosting will disappear within 90 seconds